The ICT Champions are collecting together examples of the most frequently asked for ICT guidelines and template documents which are listed on this page for you to to download.

These documents have been collected from a range of sources and are provided on an ‘as is’ basis.

You may freely download these documents for your use or you can amend to suit your own organisations needs provided the source is credited as shown by the Creative Commons licence. There is a space on each of these for you to overprint with your own logo if you recirculate them.

Basic ICT Information

Useful documents and fact-sheets about basic use of ICT in your organisation. Ideal for Information or Development Workers.

Where to find information about ICT (1818)
How to do more with less (1707)
What to tell groups about ICT (1629)
What a new group needs to know about ICT (1653)
Ten ways to work better using ICT (2079)
ICT Volunteering (1270)
Databases and CRM systems (2425)
ICT Induction (1392) (*NEW*)

ICT Audit Toolkit (*NEW*)

This is a set of three downloads for organisations. It consists of a main document to record the overall objectives of your organisation and how it uses ICT, and two appendices which are tables to record details and ‘healthcheck’ your computers and to record and assess the ICT related training needs of staff and volunteers.

Please read the ‘how to’ document first and choose the most appropriate version for your system.

ICT Audit Toolkit - How To Guide (2888)

ICT Audit Toolkit - Main (Open Office) (1212)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 2 (Open Office) (1297)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 3 (Open Office) (1158)

ICT Audit Toolkit - Main Office 2003 (1158)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 2 Office 2003 (1081)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 3 Office 2003 (1298)

ICT Audit Toolkit - Main Office 2007 (1315)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 2 Office 2007 (1246)
ICT Audit Toolkit - Appendix 3 Office 2007 (1384)

Internet Documents

Briefings related to internet and web use in your organisation.

Top tips for an effective website (1808)
Fundraising and the Internet (4282)
Cloud Computing (1316) (*NEW*)


Guidelines and checklists for your organisation.

Display Screen Equipment Guidelines (1523)
Display Screen Equipment Assessment (1241)
USB Memory Stick Guidelines (1873)
ICT Review (1208) (*NEW*)

Social Media Documents

Reference documents and guidelines relating to use of social media.

Social Media Planning Guide (1856)
Social Media Guidelines (1795)
Social Media Websites and Tools Crib Sheet (2603) (*UPDATED*)
Social Media in Yorkshire & Humber (report) (1292) (*NEW*)

Reports and Research

Background reports and research produced by the ICT Champions.

Who's Doing I.T. Right? (1670) (*NEW*)
Social Enterprise ICT Support (1898) (*NEW*)


If you require a policy that reflects the latest legislation and is appropriate to your organisation, you must seek specialist legal advice. These documents and templates are intended for guidance only and do not act as a substitute for professional advice. You agree that if your organisation decides to rely on a document obtained from this list you do so at your own risk.

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Produced by the Regional ICT Champions who were a Capacitybuilders funded project coordinated by NAVCA from 2008 to 2011