What is social media and web 2.0? What can I use it for? (Video)

‘Old’ media, such as newspapers and TV, is mainly about other people publishing information using expertise and tools that we can’t afford. ‘New’ media (often called Social Media) uses more conversational tools on broadband connections and mobile phones to create a more interactive and participative culture. Web 2.0 is not a technical specification but suggests that we have moved on from the first version of the internet i.e. Web 1.0.

The nuts and bolts of social media make it much easier to produce information, tell stories, share ideas and participate in new communities. It includes new tools such as blogs, forums and wikis and is increasingly referred to as ‘social media’.

Beyond the jargon it offers new ways to link people together, build networks and sustain virtual communities who can publish their own photos, videos and news.

So what can it do for you? It could create opportunities for you to develop new services and campaign for change, but without care may further marginalise the people you work with. Whatever you do it is being used by a wider cross section of the public so it is important that you consider what role it could play in the future development of your services.

The downloads section of this website has a set of Social Media Guidelines and handy reference sheet to some Social Media tools. A comprehensive glossary of Social Media termis is available on the Social by Social website.



To see how social media is used by organisations download the Media Trust booklet [download id=”13″] (PDF 974Kb) or read it online.

Or read about the journey into social media from the Womens Resource Centre:


Social Media Video This master class film delivered by Steve Bridger covers many aspects of social media and how third sector organisations are using it.(Click ‘play’ to watch the whole film or skip through the sections using the bar along the bottom)

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