How do I learn about what kind of support I need to get the most from my ICT?

Most staff, volunteers or trustees are not ICT experts and at times may need help to get the most from equipment, a website or database..

Help may come from a volunteer, someone in the staff team with technical knowledge, a staff member with ICT support in their job description, or a paid-for contractor or consultant. Sometimes the person who has this role is known as the ‘accidental techie’ – the person who has aquired the task by default and may need support and resources to help them perform these duties.

The ICT Champions have developed a training workshop for local infrastructure organisations which covers the importance of these tasks together with practical case studies and resource materials.

This short video presents an overview of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or running it in your area, please either contact your local ICT Champion or email the project co-ordinator.

For more information about the topic on this website visit:

What support do I need to get the most from my ICT?

What is an accidental techie?

or see other articles in the technical support section.

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  1. Richard Ross-Langley

    This question is complicated, and easily confused with the simpler one: What kind of support do I need to get the most from my ICT?

    Maybe they can be reworded for: IT management in general, plus specific checklists for basic needs and ways to get it done:

    How should I manage my ICT? -> books & workshops.
    What are the basics of ICT support? Security, backup, buglist?
    Who can support my ICT? Local/remote people/companies.

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