How can I learn more about good management and governance of our ICT?

It’s important for senior managers and trustees to ensure good governance and management policies are in place covering legal responsibilities such as personal safety, data protection and health and safety. They must also help develop and implement strategic ICT plans to ensure the organisation has the resources and support it needs.

The ICT Champions have developed a training workshop for local infrastructure organisations which covers the importance of these areas together with practical case studies and resource materials.

This short video presents an overview of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or running it in your area, please either contact your local ICT Champion or email the project co-ordinator.

For more information about the topic on this website visit:

Managing the risks associated with ICT

What does ICT have to do with good governance?

Download the [download id=”14″] book (398Kb) or view it online here.

There are also other articles in the trustees section.

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