What should I do about back-up?

A reliable back-up system protects your organisation when things go wrong. It is a vital ingredient in safe and secure ICT operations and can be installed and operated at relatively low cost. Although it is a technical issue it is the responsibility of trustees and manager to make sure that data is secure and the organisation can survive in case of disaster.

The best back-up system will:

  • allow a copy of your information to be kept off-site.
  • be updated at least every week, or more frequently in a busy office.
  • be tested routinely.
  • be documented and easy to operate.

If you don’t have a back-up system speak to a trusted ICT supplier and invest in a system that fits your needs
and budget.

If you do have a back-up system test it regularly by using the documentation to recover your information,
as if a disaster had occurred. If it doesn’t work it may need updating or replacing.

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