What is a Regional ICT Champion?

There are nine Regional ICT Champions working across England. We are trusted individuals with a track record of providing reliable and authoritative ICT advice to the voluntary and community sector. Funded by Capacitybuilders and coordinated by NAVCA, we help ensure that ICT plays a positive role in sustaining a strong and effective third sector.

We do not believe in using technology for its own sake, but that technology must be tailored to reflect people’s needs.

We do not provide an ICT support service directly to individual charities but work with established networks and support services at local, regional and national levels. This includes ChangeUp Consortia, Councils of Voluntary Services [CVS], Volunteer Centres and other specialist support agencies who work with third sector staff, volunteers and trustees.

Each champion has regional goals which reflect the priorities in their area, as well as series of aims which connect their work at a national level. We also link to the National Support Services funded by Capacitybuilders.

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Produced by the Regional ICT Champions who were a Capacitybuilders funded project coordinated by NAVCA from 2008 to 2011