What is a Netbook?

Netbooks are mini laptops. They are cheap, small, light and very portable. Some mobile phone companies supply them for ‘free’ with a broadband dongle to make it easy to use the internet while you’re on the move.

If you mainly use your computer for web, email and basic word processing they are well worth considering as a very flexible way of working form multiple locations.

They typically cost upwards of £200, to which you would add the cost of mobile broadband services. Some mobile phone companies offer them ‘free’ as long as you agree to be locked into a particular tariff for a certain amount of time.

They may be cheaper and lighter than a traditional laptop but they use smaller screens, often have smaller keyboards, do not have a CD or DVD drive and may not have the computing power to move beyond basic tasks.

Specifications of current models vary a lot so it is important to compare models before buying.

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