What can I do about green computing?

There are lots of very simple ways of reducing the environmental impact of the ICT you use. These include:

  • Reuse and repair ICT equipment before replacing
  • Safe disposal and recycling of ICT equipment
  • Turn off equipment when it’s not being used.
  • Encourage awareness-raising activities amongst staff, volunteers and clients about the benefits of saving energy and recycling.
  • Reduce unnecessary printing and re-use paper.
  • Monitor power consumption and look for ways to reduce it.
  • When purchasing choose energy-saving devices that have been manufactured in an environmentally- conscious fashion.
  • Consider switching to online services that use green energy sources.
  • Dispose of old hardware responsibly; send old PCs to be reconditioned and recycled.

For more details go to:


In Bristol the Green AddICT campaign is raising awareness of the CO2 emissions produced by ICT equipment. There are many great resources on the website including this little video.

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