Is it wise for people in our office to use Facebook?

It depends what they use it for, but it’s probably an advantage if it helps you stay abreast of current trends and improves your communications.

It is easy to see sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and MySpace as a timewaster. Most people use them on a personal basis, unrelated to their work, and they can easily be seen as a distraction. However social networking sites such as Facebook may be a valuable element in your organisation’s communications or campaigning strategy.

They represent a new way of reaching audiences and connecting with people with similar interests. Many charities have set up Facebook groups and use it to share news about their activities and raise money.

In terms of using new tools there is rarely a quick win and there is a lot to be said for not being an early adopter. Networks such as this are also very organic in the way they develop, which can challenge the way that you work.

On the other hand lots of people are already active, so maybe you’re missing out because you’re not up to date with current thinking? The best way to understand its potential is to be familiar with what it does and how it works. So maybe you – or someone you know – should be using it as well?

Use Google to search for “Facebook and Charity” to keep up with the latest views, or for more information visit:

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