How can ICT help with our campaigning?

Many third sector organisations exist to campaign on a particular cause. Whether it’s for something in your local community or tackling problems on a global scale ICT can help make your voice louder.

Examples include

  • Raise awareness of your cause using websites, newsletters and email;
  • Use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to connect with and recruit supporters;
  • Ask for help and share your expertise through email discussion lists and online forums;
  • Use websites, email, text messaging, newsletters and flyers to share news and information;
  • Organise your key activists through email and shared spaces such as Google Documents;
  • Use email to lobby and influence decision-makers;
  • Use video to reach new audiences and encourage supporters to share their stories.
  • Add your name to an online petition using and Twitter.

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Produced by the Regional ICT Champions who were a Capacitybuilders funded project coordinated by NAVCA from 2008 to 2011