How can ICT help my organisation?

ICT is a tool to enable your organisation to work more efficiently and be more effective.It can help you do better things and do things better.It can help you with:

  • Better service delivery to bring benefits to your clients or community;
  • Better information for decision-making, including monitoring and evaluation;
  • Better financial information to manage your accounts;
  • Better client records and more relevant services;
  • Better information for the community, such as a community website;
  • Better staff development, developing new skills and links with peers;
  • Better fundraising through better bids and new techniques;
  • Better external communications to maintain your profile;
  • Better internal communications to ensure a well-run organisation;
  • Better administration to save time and money.

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Produced by the Regional ICT Champions who were a Capacitybuilders funded project coordinated by NAVCA from 2008 to 2011