How can I work on a document at the same time as other people?

It may be helpful for a group of people to be able to work together on a document at the same time. They may be drafting a policy together, preparing a grant application or producing guide to services.

One option is to save the document with the author’s name and a version number and circulate it by email. Even in small groups documents can get out of sync and take time to work through.

An alternative is a wiki, a collaborative web site that allows authorised users to change the content of the pages though the internet, as well as view a history of changes.

Alternatively online document services such as Google Documents offer a way of sharing word processing documents or spreadsheets, so that there is just one copy of a document as it evolves.

Whatever the choices the tools are becoming easier to use and may well suit organisations of all sizes who have want to help people collaborate.

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  1. Richard Ross-Langley

    Google Wave is arriving soon, enabling several people to work on the same document at the same time. See:

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