How can I use the internet to make telephone calls?

It is possible to use your connection to the internet to make telephone calls to other people, including calls to landlines and mobile phones. Once you’ve paid for your internet connection it may not cost any extra to make the calls, so you can save money on domestic and international calls.It is also possible to make video calls.

Internet telephone services are often referred to by the name of the technology they use, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP. The best-known service is currently Skype but there are many options.

You may use specific equipment such as handsets and headsets, but you can generally use any computer that has a microphone and headphone socket. Most new laptops have this built in.

Although you need some technical knowledge to set up a system it it is easy to give it a try before making a commitment.

You may set up individual accounts on Skype and save calls between volunteers, or talk to suppliers about much larger-scale solutions.

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  1. Ross Markham

    you can also send free SMS’s at
    if you haven’t signed up (paid) the free service has a character limit and appends a small ad at the end of your message, otherwise it’s a brilliant service

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