How can I set up a survey that can be accessed through a web page?

You can use a website to conduct a survey as part of any feedback or evaluation process where the participants have access to the internet. There are several services available, including free options, and all offer the ability to design the forms and analyse the results.

Collecting survey data online can save money, or may enable more people to participate. It works for customer feedback or public consultation and can be completed anonymously.

As well as large-scale research it may help specific decision-making, such as a review of strategic options before a partnership meeting or user feedback on service design options.

An online survey should be considered alongside other techniques. Designing the right questions and reaching the right people is still the key ingredient in finding out what you want to know.

The best known service is SurveyMonkey, but there are many others, several of which have been reviewed in an article on ICT Knowledgebase.

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  1. MJ Ray

    Please use limeservice, doodle or even Google Docs rather than Surveymonkey. I explain why I make that request at

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