How can I get the most from ICT consultants?

ICT consultants can deliver a database or website, or help with planning, fundraising, a merger or a new community building. They will bring specialist expertise and offer an outsider’s perspective. They may also help with ongoing needs, such as IT support.

  • Always work with colleagues to prepare a brief.
  • Be realistic about budgets, timescales and the demands this project will place on your own time.
  • Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve and the problems you want to solve.
  • Seek recommendations in your networks and ask at least three people to submit a tender.
  • Review responses with your colleagues, hold interviews, follow up references and select.
  • Before starting check the brief with the successful contractor in detail. Make sure you all agree and understand what is required.
  • Be clear about who is doing what – have you understood the commitment on your side to ensure the project is a success?
  • Agree a process for reviewing progress. Regular contact helps identify and rectify problems before they happen.
  • Once delivered review the project with colleagues.

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