Why do IT people tell me to turn it off and turn it on again?

It’s a well-worn phrase, but does it really work? Before calling for help turn your machine off for 30 seconds and then restart. This may well resolve the issue you were having because closing down your computer shuts all running services and processes, whilst starting up restarts these services and process in the right order.

This may help untangle problems in the way the computer is working internally and unblock processes that were causing problems.

It isn’t guaranteed to work but if you then need to call for technical support you can inform the technician you have rebooted your system. They will then know that they have a ‘clean’ machine to start the process of diagnosing your problems.

You need to shut the computer down completely, rather than just clicking on Restart while the computer is still running. Shutting down takes longer, but is much more effective at clearing temporary problems.

Similarly if your Internet connection fails then rebooting the router can often bring things back to life, but remember that it takes several minutes to reset itself so be patient.



Before you call the repairman

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