Where can I get cheap software?

Registered charities can get very cheap software through a national scheme operated by Charity Technology Exchange. Visit their website for more details at www.ctx.org.uk. As an alternative any individual or organisation can download Open Source Software from the internet. Open Source software is built by people who want the software to be freely available, and there are lots of different types. All the most common software has an Open Source equivalent, the most famous of which is OpenOffice, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software, just like Microsoft Office. Most users add Thuunderbird for email and Firefox for browsing the web.

In many cases the Open Source Software is designed to look like the software you are familiar with and should work the same way.



Charity Technology Exchange offers discounts on variuos software, especially Microsoft products: www.ctx.org.uk

OS Alt lists current Open Source software which you can then download: www.osalt.com or www.opensourcewindows.org

Download Open Office and use it for free: www.openoffice.org

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  1. MJ Ray

    The FSF/UNESCO directory lists more than OS Alt, you don’t need to know competitor brand names to navigate it easily, and it doesn’t make the mistake of suggesting FOSS isn’t commercial software. You can find the current site at http://directory.fsf.org/ – I’m sure Matt Lee and his colleagues at the foundation would welcome feedback from the sector about how to make it easier to use.

    Also, http://www.ictknowledgebase.org.uk/freesoftware is not about free software in the “free and open source software” sense, but only about money and ignores social impact. It’s rather misleadingly named.

  2. scipmark

    thanks for your comment MJ, it’s really helpful to have alternatives by someone who knows more open source than I do

    I found the directory you linked to very comprehensive so thanks, and hopefully either site will prove useful to people with different preferences.


  3. Ross Markham

    a great repositry full of open source software is sourceforge
    it is the largest open source software site on the internet (I think) and has every type of software you could possably imagine
    you can find it at: sourceforge.net

  4. Paul SUtton

    I am a local user of free and open source software, if anyone is interested in perhaps switching from for example ms office to open office,etc please get in touch with the devon and cornwall Linux user group,. at http://www.dcglug.org.uk, we communicate via a e-mail based discussion list,

    We see the definition of free software as free as in freedom so its more than just cost.

    we can hopefully help / advise further on this, as there is a lot of expertise within the group.


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