Where can I get advice and support with my ICT?

When computers stop working it can be difficult to know what’s gone wrong, let alone how to fix it. Whether you work from home on a single computer or rely on a network of computers on multiple sites, it is important to think about how you tackle ICT problems when they arise. Options include:

  • Colleagues – to see whether this happened before;
  • Accidental Techies – they may not have technical skills but thy have become the in-house support person;
  • In-house IT Specialists – larger organisations may have an in-house IT support person;
  • Volunteers – be clear what expertise you require and when they will be available;
  • Circuit Riders or an ICT Development Worker – you may have someone who looks after third sector groups in your area;
  • Suppliers – after-sales support from the shop where it came from;
  • IT Support Companies or Consultants – ask for recommendations, check references, think about having a support contract, look for social enterprise solutions.


Hints and Tips Video These tips and signposts delivered as part of a workshop for Accidental Techies by Miles Maier (London ICT Champion) cover many areas small orgainsations can struggle to finding answers for or signposts to suppliers who can help. (Click ‘play’ to watch the whole film or skip through the sections using the bar along the bottom)

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