How do I know what ICT we need?

Work with other people in your organisation to write an ICT plan. Think about where you are now, what ICT equipment and skills you have, what you think of it, how much it costs and common problems and limitations. Think about what you want to achieve in the next three years, whether budgets will grow or shrink, whether you’ll be building new services or strengthening existing ones.Then identify ways that ICT can help deliver your goals.

Firstly you need reliable everyday ICT to support your day to day operations, which usually means email, word processors, spreadsheets, internet browsing, budgeting, contacts database, etc.

Beyond that you may need ICT to support your work with your clients such as web-based information resources or drop-in IT facilities. ICT could mean saving money or delivering more.

Identify your needs, look at your options and agree actions. Roll this into the next round of budget discussions and include additional purchases in relevant funding applications.


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