How do I know what ICT training I need?

Most staff, volunteers or trustees need to be happy using a mouse, saving and retrieving files, working with different programmes, turning a computer on and off, sending and receiving emails, writing, printing and saving documents in a word processor and looking things up on the internet.

Beyond this most skills need to be linked to tasks and roles. Treasurers may use spreadsheets for budgets whilst project managers may use spreadsheets for project schedules. Fundraisers may use a database to track income whilst an administrator produces labels for sending annual reports.

A Training Needs Analysis is a way of logging current skills and matching them against the requirements of each role. This can then be linked to job descriptions, recruitment, induction and ongoing personal development of staff, volunteers and trustees.

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Produced by the Regional ICT Champions who were a Capacitybuilders funded project coordinated by NAVCA from 2008 to 2011