How can I stop viruses attacking my computer?

It is almost impossible to stop viruses attacking your computer so you must make sure you are able to deal with them.

Viruses may be attached to email, downloaded when you’re surfing the web or copied from a CD or memory stick. You can’t stop them from attacking your computer, but you can stop them from harming it by installing and maintaining anti-virus software and keeping your software up to date.

There is a lot of anti-virus software available, some of it free. Look online for recommendations, ask colleagues or refer to a trusted ICT supplier.

Once installed on your computer the software links to an online database of known viruses. It scans the files on your computer and deletes any viruses it finds. You can set it to scan every email, or check the whole computer once a day.

Your system software, such as Windows XP or Mac OSX must also be kept up-to-date to protect against the latest security threats.

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  1. Ross Markham

    some good antivirus/spyware/adware/trojan/rootkit/malware options are:


    I hope this small list helps and with these 4 programs there is a very low chance of infection.

    you can also use to check single files against LOADS of anti-malware programs

    as a side note I wouldn’t get nortons, it moniters too much, slows down your computer and is just a bad program.

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