How can I make sure my data is secure?

Managers and trustees must take data security seriously and must take appropriate steps to avoid sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. This includes client information, staff and volunteer details, financial information or confidential reports.

Have a written policy about using and storing passwords and include it in your induction information.

Store data in as few places as possible and allow access to the fewest people possible. Check regularly that you still comply with the Data Protection Act. Take practical steps. Have data backed up off site. Make sure premises are secure. Check your insurance. Change administrator passwords when staff leave. Have a firewall installed to prevent external access.

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  1. Ross Markham

    to keep data secure on a public computer or private computer
    you could always implement disk encryption
    I would recommend truecrypt as it is free (open source)
    supports multiple encryption methods
    you can do full disk encryption and is has plausible deniability
    and works on mac, OSX & linux
    you can find it at:

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