How can I keep my copy of Microsoft Windows up to date?

If you use Microsoft Windows™ it is vital that you keep it up to date to prevent attacks from viruses and ensure best performance. Use the Microsoft update service to automatically check for updates and download and install the software required.

Many computers don’t update because the default time to check is 3.00 am, when they are switched off. To change this open CONTROL PANEL from the START menu and click on AUTOMATIC UPDATES in XP or WINDOWS SECURITY CENTER in Vista. Choose 1.00 pm, or a time when you are usually at lunch.

Unfortunately your computer may still be vulnerable because you’re not subscribed to the right service with Microsoft. Use the links below to find out more, or ask for help from a trusted supplier or volunteer.

USEFUL LINKS (only works if you use Internet Explorer)

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  1. Paul Webster

    Do computers really not update if the default update time is left at 3AM?

    Windows Help says “You do not have to be connected to the Internet for Windows to install new updates. But updates must be installed, not just downloaded, before they can help protect your computer. If you use the Automatic (recommended) setting, new updates are installed at 3 A.M. If your computer is turned off during a scheduled update, updates are installed the next time you start your computer.”

  2. scipmark

    Hi Paul
    I know that’s what it says on the tin but I discovered that it doesn’t ALWAYS work.
    It may be because some people’s machines do not have the automatic updates turned on, or it cold just be that Microsoft Windows doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to do. Which is hardly beyond the bounds of reason?

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